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Blowing Machine Series:
1, composite bottle blowing machine
2, PET blowing machine
3, PE blowing Machine
Blowing machine full range of all types at reasonable prices; these multi-layer barrier bottle blowing machine is especially customized imported equipment according to the performance is very suitable for domestic business needs - with minimum investment to get the greatest return.

Injection molding machine series:
1, PET injection molding machine
2, cap injection molding machine

Drying machine series:
heat various types of raw materials,

Various types of mould
1, multi-layer high-barrier bottles, PE bottles, PET bottles
2, PET blank of bottles mold
3, caps, inner plug mold

The company offers multi-layer high-barrier bottles middle, and the inner material

All kinds of caps,the blank of bottles
1, any custom all kinds of specifications, color and logo caps;
2, all kinds of the blank of bottles

Products Class
PET bottle(below 200ml)
PET bottle(200ml to 400ml)
PET bottle(above 400ml)
HDPE/CO-EX bottle(below 200ml)
HDPE/CO-EX bottle(200ml to 500ml)
HDPE/CO-EX bottle(above 500ml)
measuring glass


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